Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sports Photography

I attended the high school volleyball game this evening and brought my camera. One of my good friends is the assistant coach and her daughter is one of the setters. The team took state last year, sending 5 of the six off to play college ball. This was my first time tying to photography Volleyball with the exception of my daughter's team last Saturday where their isn't any action. With these girls I had to keep changing my iso up and up to 3200, it was the only speed I could stop action with the low light in the gym. I was using my long lens that didn't help either. Then with my aperture set a 4 to give me the most light, focusing on a single subject was hard and then things move so fast you miss the contact with the ball. I then started shooting with a high continuous shutter speed, that is definitely a good idea, ( if you have disk space). I also tried live mode, that was interesting as well, it is like holding a point and shoot, I feel stupid taking pictures like that. I think sport photographers must shoot the most pictures in a short amount of time and get the most bad shots, they might get 1 out of hundreds, just waiting watching and anticipating the movement. Just like every photo subject you still need to have dynamics, color, shape, balance, interest, focal point. This picture is missing most of them but at least you know I was at a volleyball game and there is some action. I will try again, better prepared. Both teams by the way are wearing pink in honor of the Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser, the teams do this every year.

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  1. Action shots are hard! Especially inside! I think it looks great and you will only get better at them!