Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Lets talk today about color. In our everyday busy lives we might not think a lot about it however it is pivotal in every environment. Here are some questions to ask yourself, why does corporate America wear so much black and gray and drive black and gray cars? Why is the beach considered relaxing and calming? How would you describe the energy level of the tropical jungle? What colors would you use to describe heat, warmth and cold? Think about the colors in a Library appose to a Hospital. Think about the colors around you, really look and think about how they make you feel. One trick I heard on HGTV a long time ago was to look at things in nature a photo perhaps like this one, and if you are drawn to it use it as your color pallet for a room. I personally love the colors in this picture, the sage green with the terracotta and dark chocolate.

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