Sunday, September 26, 2010


Today I almost forgot to take a picture and when I remembered I wasn't too enthusiastic. Now it is late and I have no daylight left and it is raining and my tripod was in the car so I had to shoot at ISO 1600 to get a descent exposure with me holding the camera by hand which means the picture is grainy but you are seeing it small anyway so it doesn't matter too much. Also in this picture I would like to point out that I shot this in my kitchen where my dear husband installed recessed can lighting so you can see in the picture the patterns of light reflecting off the marbles. I think it is really cool, especially on the marbles that are not in focus. I quite enjoyed taking these pictures once I set out to do it. I think there are probably many things we pass on in life that we weren't thrilled about doing that would have been great had we given it a try and gotten over whatever reservations we might have had.

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  1. Weird, I would never had noticed the pin points of light if you hadn't mentioned something. It made me look again, and appreciate the picture more. Thanks for sharing.