Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baby's Favorite Books

I have to say that there are some books babies don't like. My baby will close the book if I pick the wrong one or if it is boring. These in the picture are the tried and true books he likes. My husband might have a different stack but these are the ones I read him. We add library books in the mix here and there. There is one title from the library I must buy for my kids and for my youngest brother as a baby gift for child #2 (Congrats, A&W). The title is "Me Hungry" by Jermey Tankard, I highly recommend it.


  1. Color, Light,and gesture, make photographs interesting. This photo has all three, the gesture part arrives with the randomness of the books. Like a kid just finished tossing them.

  2. I don't recognize very many of those books, except for Frog in the kitchen sink, which Jade LOVES but I hate reading it to her. I don't know why. But I end up shortening it a lot :) So if Jade ever comes to your house and you read it, try not to let her in on that fact.