Sunday, July 25, 2010

After the Storm

Today we had a bad storm come through during church. It wiped the power out all through Northern Virginia till late into the night, not sure when it came back on. So if you check the date this post is on Monday because I couldn't use my computer yesterday. In the evening our home really started to get hot so we took a drive to cool off. I grabbed my camera to fulfill my assignment and this is what I shot. I'll have two posts today. So far no one has guessed correctly on the picture I posted Saturday. Keep guessing!


  1. Remember, you can change the date so that the post reflects when you took your picture. You'll notice that I only upload every few days (it is a photo-a-day, not a blog-post-a-day, after all). I just assign the dates to reflect when I took it.

    Oh, and that is a freaky awesome shot.

  2. That is a really amazing shot! I love it! Where did you go?

  3. Seriously, what a great family picture!

  4. that's a wonderful family pic! :)