Sunday, December 26, 2010


I convinced him to grow a beard this winter to play a wise man in the Christmas program. He was going to shave it the day after the program but decided to keep it a little longer. Well before church he decided to start to shave. Start being the key word here. He went to church like this. It took the kids hours to notice, I think our oldest got the biggest kick out of it. That evening he proceded to try differnt variations, the kids thought it was funny. He is fairly normal looking now just a little long in the sideburns still. He's a good sport and it's fun to have him home for the winter break and for a the chance to play and laugh with the kids. Sometimes with work and school and schedules life gets too serious, we all need a little laughter and fun. Hope you get a chuckle from this picture.

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  1. Ha haha! LOVE IT! (especially when its not MY husband...)