Tuesday, December 14, 2010


When I started this project I was determined to actully take a picture every day. Since coming home from our Thanksgiving trip my kids have been sick. I am already a very busy women and with sick kids my work load quadrupled. I haven't been feeling well myself either. That said I haven't had time to take a picture every day or post the pictures I have taken. I feel like a bit of a failure but instead of quitting I am going to pick myself back up and post the pictures I have taken and rededicate myself. I have purchased some new studio equipment I am excited to experiment with. Hopefuly this winter you will see a great improvement in my studio images. The picture below are some I have taken these past few weeks, they are not in order. This first picture is my sick toddler with the glossy eyes and runny nose just after coloring on my wall with a dry erase marker (they don't wash off well) but I was making him try.


  1. They are wonderful! I'm sorry the family hasn't felt well. Enjoy your holiday vacation!

  2. This is going to sound really silly, but I am so excited the girls made your blog! You did such a fabulous job and they had so much fun!! Thanks again for your talents and creativity!