Saturday, July 13, 2013

June 27th 2013

Picking out a puppy.

Where to start? This could be a long story so I will start on June 27th. There is more to tell about our decision to get a dog,  picking the perfect breed for our family and all the hard work the kids did to get a dog; but I will save that for later. For this first post I will tell you about the day we picked out our puppy.

As soon as we decided on a Brittany I searched the internet for a reputable breeder. The closest kennel I found that had a nice website with good looking dogs and puppies available was Stonewall Kennels in Harrisonburg Virginia. I called the owner to get more information and to set up a time to come and see his puppies. I wanted to go sooner than later so we could have more to choose from. The children were in debate whether to get a boy or a girl and they only had one girl left. I spoke with him on a Sunday and planned our visit for the following Thursday. My girls were out of town that week so it was just me and the boys. When we got there the girl had already been chosen which made things a little easier but not quite since the boys got attached to two different pups. In the end I made the executive decision. We took photos of the pup so when we came back in a few weeks we would know which one was ours. Above is the picture of MOAB at 6 weeks.

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