Friday, February 11, 2011

Still experimenting

Your probably tired of my studio shots but it's cold outside. Next week we will be in the 60's so I promise I'll go outside and take a picture of something. Here are a few more shots from my studio. I was playing around with a brown background. I liked how it turned out and the best thing is that It was totally wrinkled but I was able to get he background to blur enough that you don't even know. Hurray! Especially because I like my backgrounds out of focus. I have one day left on my Kelby Trainning, watched a bit today and started making a wish list of things I want. I only need about $3500 to get what I want. The guy I watched today was using a lens with f/1.2, which for me would mean even more blur and the opportunity to shoot with less light and a lower ISO or film speed, the lower the ISO the less grain you have in the image and the larger you can enlarge your prints and retain the detail. That lens alone cost $1600, more than my camera. Crazy Enjoy the pics.

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  1. My fastest lens is a f/1.8, and I think that is just too low an f-stop. The depth of field is so horribly painfully shallow, you can't really shoot anything very close at all -- K's portrait above would be nostrils in focus and everything else a blur. So don't feel bad about the price of a f/1.2 -- two stops in the exposure triangle is not worth $3000.