Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I am expanding my portfolio! I was lucky enough to get to photograph 5 Great Pyrenees puppies, 8 weeks old. This was my first time photographing dogs. I tried all sorts of things to get their attention, even peak-a- boo. It is really hard to get their attention, an maybe it's the breed of dog. Their temperament fits their look, like a big teddy bear. Their heads are big and I think heavy for them to hold up, they couldn't hold them up for but a second and usually because their owner assisted. The kids enjoyed seeing them. My little one received his own lick bath from one of them. It was fun! When these dogs are full grown they are very big! If they stand on their back legs they are as tall as the average adult. The breed are used as guard dogs in sheep herds. They are friendly with a good temperament and if you want an indoor pony or a dog to help you herd your children you should look into this dog.

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