Sunday, October 3, 2010

Window of Faith

A visited another church this morning, a Quaker meeting. This experience was different and unfamiliar, if I hadn't seen a friend in the congregation and had a chance to talk to her afterward I would have left very bewildered. The Quaker meetings are mostly silent, more of a chance for members to self reflect, ponder and occasionally express their thoughts or ideas to the group. I wasn't aware of this at first, I was waiting and waiting for something to happen, somone to get up and preach and no one did. Then a member took me out and explained, I returned to sit for another 40 min. They concluded the meeting with handshakes announcements and refreshments. They have a rich history in the area where I live. They run a historic one room school house where 4th graders get to reenact life as a school child 100's of years ago. My daughter really enjoyed the field trip last year. The church has evolved over the years, not as strict as it was originally. Still I have never been in a more silent meeting hall. It makes my regular church services I attend sound like a jungle. I think our family will work on reverence a bit more and if they are still struggling I might take them to visit a Quaker meeting to learn a thing or two. I also want to say that I respect each individuals right to worship as they choose. I have seen many good things come from people who are active in their faith regardless of what denomination.

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  1. This series of church pictures is the coolest!