Friday, October 8, 2010

Chip or Dale?

I decided to work on the yard today, trying to get things ready for the winter and trying to minimize work for the spring. As I worked I spied our cat strolling across the lawn with something it it's mouth. She lied down about 5 feet from me and all of a sudden I see something jumping around, the chipmunk was still alive, she was just playing with it. The chipmunk scurried up a small tree I'd been pruning and was there for a while while. Our cat guarded the tree and my son tormented the cat with leaves and grass clippings. Finally the cat had enough of my son and left the tree and the chipmunk escaped. In between all of that I was able to run inside grab the camera and take a few pictures.


  1. Cute little guy. I have to admit that is one thing I can't stand about felines. They torture poor little animals! Eat it or don't, but don't play with it!

  2. Your cat loves to sit by our front porch step next to our chipmunk hole.......:) The girls love it, of course, because they get to pet the cat!