Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Project!!!

I had absolutely no hits on my blog last week, which is totally is understandable since I haven't been posting. So to remedy that and increase my hits I am starting a new photo project. The project will be to take a photo every day on my new iPhone. The idea is to prove it isn't all about the camera you have. It is about all the other elements that go into a good picture and controlling your environment with limited resources. Let me know how I'm doing and what you think!!

The first image is of the train station At Liberty State Park in NJ. After the immigrants were processed though Ellis Island the boat took them to this train station where they would board the train that would take them to other major cities where they might meet family, a new job, a new life a new adventure.Lady Liberty
If you didn't know I really enjoy studying family history. I like to picture what it would have been like for those who came before us. Why they made the choices they did, what they sacrificed and why. How they might have felt. How I would have felt going through the things they went through. Seeing the Statue of Liberty brought a flood of emotions about how one might have felt after their long journey crossing the ocean to come to America. The idea of America and the freedoms it holds. It was very cool! If you love America you need to go to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island! I think I need to add to my bucket list to watch the fireworks at the Statue of Liberty, wouldn't that be something.

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