Saturday, December 24, 2011


This is our second year we have had the "Family Ginger Bread Contest". We have two teams, with 3 players. Teams come up with the design and candy selection, everyone on the team works on the house (please consider when voting). Team A is the little blue Bungalow house. Team B is the 2 story tutor style house.


  1. We are stunned by your artistry! Your attention to detail is quite remarkable.
    Team A-We LOVE the blue fondant siding. More impressive is the fact that you made the fondant yourself. The overall colors work so well-for example the soft white door complements the blue siding. The back roof with the partial snow coverage is very realistic. It has the look of a recent dusting of snow fall over the top of remnants from an earlier and heavier snow. I personally just swoon over the porch and windows. And don’t even get me started with the two trees up front. So, so darling! This reminds us of the magical places you might discover in the land of sweets from the Nutcracker.
    Team B-Wow! When I saw this house it took me back to Siena, Italy! It looks exactly like so many of the houses that line the little town piazzas all over Italy. I love the pretzels inside the windows! And the vine that clings to the side of the house is straight out of a Jane Austin novel. I love it! The bump out windows in the front and back of the house add such character and charm. The effect of the snow on this house has a very icy look. It’s as if the sun melted the snow slightly during the day and froze over during the night. Everyone over here agrees that the back deck is awesome.
    Voting Results from our house:
    2 in favor of Team A
    2 in favor of Team B
    Ben is not here so we will have to get his vote in later today. You guys are amazing!! I’m so glad we had the chance to bump into you while it was all being built. It was definitely one of our 2011 Christmas highlights!!

  2. It is way too hard to choose the best. But I will choose the one I like and that's the blue bungalow. It looks like the house I'm going to live in when I'm 70!! Both are impressive and awesome. And yeah, mine look like that too. Haha