Tuesday, August 17, 2010

labor of love

Today I set out with a friend to pick peaches. The farm we went to had nothing to pick so we decided to check out the road side stands. Sure enough we found one with peaches and bought every one. The plan was to pick and then wait a few days for the perfect ripeness but since these had been picked earlier they were ready to bottle today. Here are the fruits of our labors. They are a labor of love because honesty I can buy them at the store a lot cheaper and Costco actually sells them in jars like these and taste very good. Our cost $4 each for the peaches, sugar lids and rings, we had the jars. If we add in the time it took to prepare the peaches and jars and process them in the water bath we can tack on a few more bucks per jar. Canning is not cost effective unless you have your own fruit. Would I do it again? Absolutely! It is fun to get sticky, it is fun to admire the beautiful colors in the jars and will be a wonderful treat come winter and best of all I had a great time with my friend. Thanks Christa for the fun afternoon, we'll tackle tomatoes next, they are pretty in a jar as well.


  1. I had so much fun, too! The photo came out beautifully! Thanks again!

  2. That looks really lovely. I saw the same thing, gorgeous heirloom (-style) jars of peaches and pears at Costco here in Mexico (Costco, like the church, is the same wherever you go), and almost bought some just for the nostalgia and beauty of them. But canning them yourself? Awesome! They are like stained-glass. Those peaches should be put in church windows to remind people of how glorious God is.